Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Prevent Nausea in Car!!

     As its the first post of 2017, I decided to do a post over dealing with nausea, you may wonder why. I suffer with nausea a lot so I decided to help what makes me feel better. New year means new adventures and traveling, me and my family recently went on a long trip wedding and nausea in any case was with me. Now even the thought of car make me bring nausea. I have discovered some ways to prevent nausea but I made sure that I was telling them right so I also did Google to check.

1. Have your Meal before Travelling
    You always want to be full before you travel so you don't feel exhausted and disturbed.

2. Have a Drink
    Now when I checked this one on Google, it did not recommend drinks. But in my case it helps, so you can also try.

3. Packet of Chips
    Sometimes you do crave something salty or spicy in the case of nausea. Packet of chips is really nice to munch on, but if you have a sweet tooth then you must crave sweet so keep some candies or chocolate or cookies.

4. Travel at Evening
    Now you must be wondering why I didn't say 'Travel at Night' because it is considered dangerous or probably I'd say un-safe, and in the morning the sun is very irritating and causes nausea and also you need to be fresh and active so you're not sleepy.

5. Fresh Air
    Fresh air is such a life saver, you can open the windows or take a break. Stop the car by and just spend a few minutes in the fresh air.

6. Reading Books
   It is considered that looking at one thing causes nausea and vomiting in car, I've been through that.

7. Chew Gum
   I just don't know that chewing gum is such a life safer, helps so much but I don't know why.

8. Don't use Phone
    Screen also causes nausea, try not using it but then if you're wondering. " what do I do then?". Listen to music, make a playlist and ta da.

9. Choose you Seat
    Now I am not very sure about this one but I did see this on Google and also my mother thinks it's helpful. My mother would never sit in the backseat for long drives because it's uncomfortable and causes nausea for her. You can try and choose you seat but on Google it said front seat is helpful.

10. Take Sickness Pills
      A doctor would recommend Sickness Pills if these hacks don't work, we'll they should but you know you can't always stop your car or travel at evening or others.

   So these were the hacks that help or my family at least,  obviously so right information I did check on Google and found most of them work but only the second point wasn't clear to me as it did not recommend drinKS but obviously you can try and let me know


Saturday, 31 December 2016

It's 2017

So I just did a post probably 2 hours earlier in 2016, and now it's 2017. I just came in after the fireworks, sorry couldn't film the fireworks because the lighting was really bad. But all I wanna say is Happy New Year, weird to say but true that 2016 is over. 1st January 2017. Yay. But I always get, I bet you too, but the next I am always fine the next day because it had to happen.


Happy New Year!!

     When I was typing the title, I took the last bite of my last donut. Eating the first is the easiest and the last is so miserable.

       I t's currently 8:30pm on 2016's last day, was that even right. I don't know. To be honest, I am so not celebrating the new year, it's not that I don't want to. It's just that I am so lazy that I am  currentlyrics in my purple seat pants and my red flannel. It sucks, right? I am so right. 

      I remember the last New Year's Eve. I was wearing my sunset leggings and my pink striped grey sweater and my boots. My sweater said 'hey' like I was saying hi to 2016. 

       My entire family from my father's side was here, my lil brother was sleeping and we all were taking pictures. It legit feels like yesterday but no, nope, it's an year later. I did have an amazing year, but the next year has to offer more. 

       We may or may not be moving in the very beginning of January. Like moving our house. I am excited, decorating my next room and taking you along. I wasn't able to make that many decor this year because when I started my blog,  my room was all decorated (I don't even like it). Yes, I don't like my room, becaaaauusse I have been living I  this house, actually in this room for consecutive 3 years. And you know these three years were my life's growing years and my liking and dislikings changed continously. But don't worry, I do have a theme for my next room.

          But yeah. By the waaaayyy, I have something for you very soon, probably in a week or two, I'll show you how to make a planner, completely from scratch, I'll show you how to make every single page, dashboards, inserts and a insert pouch too for your supplies as well as some supplies.  And it is totally budget friendly, I actually  used everything that I had already. In a way I didn't even spend a penny. Aaaand I didn't even use any printer or something, everything single, little thing is from scratch. I am so excited that I was able to bring something like that. 

        We here in Pakistan may not drink on New Year's Eve but we do have some amazing fireworks, exactly on 12:00 am. I am right here, writing a post and waiting till 12 to see those remarkable fireworks. Wait, really I hear them already. Not even kidding,  it's just 9:00pm. Wow. But the real are not here yet. 

     Again enjoy, live your life and make 2017 a better year. Bye. I am going to see the fireworks. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

     I hope you had an amazing Christmas,  or if you don't celebrate Christmas like me then I hope you had a great day. I was very busy on Christmas due to 2 functions but all and all I had an amazing day.

   Today I wrote this post because our blog has turned 1, I don really think I'll celebrate because yesterday was an amazing day so it's more like I celebrated. I don't really know what to write but it's been really great experience.

     Again Merry Christmas (although christmas's over) and a very Happy New Year. I can't believe it's been an year, all those timea when I apologized for not doing a post but I'll make 2017 a better year. Hopefully because I don't have magic and I don't wanna promise. Yes.

    Alright enjoy your life, live it the way you want to but always be positive, make 2017 a memorable year. Alright Buh bye.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Extreme Last Minure Christmas Gift Ideas!

    Did you forget someone on the list, cmon it's Christmas eve. I know you're freaking out. As you can read by the title it's Extreme Last Minute Ideas. I am going to be showing you some very last minute gift ideas which sure are cute.

   1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Who doesn't love these, bake a batch, tie them in cute ribbon and give me as gift. I'd be very happy to receive some delicious snacks. Now it's the holiday time, everyone has chocolates around. Go ahead and break up a bar and use as chocolate chips.  Click here to a recipe, I've tried it and definitely they were a yummy cookie batch.

   2. Accessories
       Now when I said accessories, there are many things. It is very vast, so go ahead and find some nic nacs around and pack em up, like your bracelets, or some chokers or even a cute belt would work. Gotta stuck those loosies up.

   3. Gift Cards
       When you're in a hurry, I think this one's the best. Depending on whom you're giving. Give accordingly, if someone like coffee and is that cafe person then a Starbucks cards is worth it. NO JUDGEMENT. someone who likes shopping and is beauty guru, Sephora Gift Card is the best.

  4. Book
     If you have time then you can buy one but if you don't,  and you're in extreme hurry then look in your stash and trust me you'll find one. Look for a book that is up to date with its condition, wrap it up and them put it under the tree.

 I hope you enjoyed today's post, Btw our blog is turning 1 right after Christmas on 26th and I'll plan something to celebrate. And also Happy New Year in advance. ENJOY.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to make your Lips look Big w/ Lipstick.

    Hey guys, welcome back. So today's post is all about lips, basically beauty. I have to say this is my first beauty post since I started this blog and now it's going to be and complete year so I decided to end the year with some makeup and beauty and you get it, right?

   So I remember it was 26 of December 2015 when I started this blog, such a great experience although didn't do many posta but it has been a great year, thinking about my own blog (before I had a blog) made me so excited and thought it would be very easy but honestly guys it is very hectic, it's a little different from your regular routine to go and do a post, I used to think I always have so much spare time that I can do a post but you know what taking all those pics is gotten even difficult because I don't know there's some problem in my camera that it has gotten all blurry and just weird although it doesn't have a deep Strathmore or anything like it.

   Alright enough talking, so today's post you already know it is ' How to make you Lips look Big in Lipstick '. So I have seen the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and all that kinda stuff, taking a small glass and sucking it around the lips to get the outline which actually looks gross. I have this awesome technique to make your lips look good big enough on any  face size or shape.

So I used to types of lipsticks:
 1. Matte
2. Ordinary Creamy Lipstick

Sorry for the writing opposite, actually as I told there's some problems with the camera so had to take from the front camera.
     My regular lip size:
So my lips are pretty small actually not that much but they are.

Want lips like this:

Actually it really simple, so I first applied the matte lipstick, I actually tapped it a few times on my lips and then spread it out by joining my lips together and kinda moving them (you know what I mean), and it wasn't really prominent so that was great because that's how you want it to be and remember do not apply the gloss or balm. Now one thing you want to remember while you apply the matte lipstick, that you want it to spread it a lot on your bottom lip. Then when you are applying your lipstick what you wanna do is, focus on your bottom lip more kinda go a little down in the middle instead of the sides of your bottom lip (it is a little confusing, sorry) and then make that area prominent and don't spread it on the bottom extra sides and you're done.

First of all I hope you understood every step and now I am also relieved that I do have a beauty post done.
Thanks for stopping by, will see you soon.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Getting the Confusions Cleared + Get Excited

       Ok, so first of all I feel filthy writing this post, I know, I know. I feel ridiculous,  I don't have any emotions to talk to you guys but please forgive me, everything has changed so much. For the past 3 months I haven't done a post and I am not calm about. I planned a Halloween post, I planned a fall post but you know at the end we all are like ' plans plans and plans, that's what is in our lives' but honestly the school has gotten me so busy like ton of homework daily and assignments, tests and disgust.

         Not even kidding I never imagined growing up would be so difficult. I know, I did only one, like, one post the entire summer just because I was busy, random things come up and I was like tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and then it is over. This is exactly what is happening in our lives.

         But don't worry as I do have a few posts for Winter and Christmas hopefully and remember I didn't rest the entire summer, I have an exciting post coming up but I can't tell when because I don't know myself when, lol. Probably next year or I don't know guys like really I don't know.

        Now this coming weekend I will be doing some stuff and bringing up an post and guys and Exciting News, ' our blog will turn 1 very soon in December, and we'll for sure celebrate' yay. I'm kinda excited but yeah, that's that's. I don't know what I will be doing, if you have any ideas then leave them down below because I do appreciate them will reply to them as well, I might do another post related to the celebration of the blog and stuff because I don't think anyone will read this, but whatever live you life, but don't waste it. Love you, and bye.