Sunday, 20 March 2016

Easter Baskets

As Easter is literally on head, I decided to share with you how to make homemade Easter Baskets.

If you are running out of time, it's not important to only fill the baskets with chocolate eggs or eggs. You can also fill them up will some cosmetics like me.

I really apologize for not showing you how to make the weaved basket because it's really hard for me to show you the steps by pictures and then explain it but don't you worry because the video is available on YouTube (not mine). I'll try to mention the link but you can easily type Easter weaved Baskets.

This basket is really easy to make, a few basic stuff Nad you're done.

Things you need:
Card stock

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Download this template, if you don't want to download it you can simply make it on the card stock as the measurements are given.

Cut the template and trace it on the card stock then fold the flaps in and glue them together.

Cut a strip of card stock for the handle and glue it in place and toure all done.

How easy wad it to make, fill with eggs or cosmetics like I did. For the weaved one don't think it was difficult that's why I didn't make it, it was really easy but hard to show you by pictures so yeah 
 I hope you liked today's post and until next time.

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