Thursday, 3 March 2016

Pinterest Test#1: Blow Dryer Crayon Wax Art

Hey Guys,
      last week I did a pinterest Blow Dryer Crayon Wax Art Diy so I decided to share with you how it went.

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So this was the picture that was on pinterest and inspired me to create this diy, and so I did.

Material you need:
• non toxic crayons (use the kids crayons)
• canvas or white paper
• glue gun
• blow dryer

So let me talk about the crayons and the blow dryer to use, I used non toxic kids crayons which were really cheap. I bought them in rupees but if covered to dollars they are approximately less than 1 dollar which is awesome. I mean 24 crayon for less than 1 dollar. You can get these type of cheap crayon like everywhere, don't use the expensive artist crayons. Now let me talk about the blow dryer, my blow dryer is really powerful and heats up really nice. It's from the company Phillips and I just love it.

As it was just a experiment, I did my diy on a piece of paper but you can use canvas. Stick your crayons with the help of hot glue and heat your crayons with the blow dryer until they melt.

Now Pinterest has everything you need, but not all of them help. So when I got my crayons I was very excited to try this diy.

Let me tell how it went.

I followed all the steps nicely but nothing worked. The crayon didn't melt instead the tips started to fall apart. If you ever made it and had success, I'd love to know what mistake I did but I won't experiment this again.

So I hope you enjoyed today's post and don't forget to comment down below letting me know what you think about this diy. To me it's a total fail but again if you ever try it or tried please let me know what was my mistake and I'll meet you in my next post so stay tuned and until next time.

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