Thursday, 5 May 2016

How to Open a Picture without Deleting in Samsung Devices when you don't have Enough Space???? HACKED

All pictures are screenshots.

Ahhhh! What the..........?
    Okay okay I totally know the struggle and that happens to me so many times I mean so many cuz way to many pictures you know but we have to, it's a habit especially mine. 

  Now this to me so much because I take all the pictures including for my blog from my tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 4 but the best part is that this hack works for all Samsung devices. 

Now let's be serious.
Now if you have the same error as mine:

There is not enough space ( ? MB)in 
you device memory. Delete some files.

        Cancel                                OK             '

Simply 'Cancel' it because we don't have pictures to delete.
BTW that's the point of this post on how to Duh! 

We should begin, it's so easy.

Step 1.   Open your files.

Step 2. Click 'Images' in the left side.

Step 3. Click a picture, then your have 3 (or probably 2 cause I have a extra app so that comes in the option) options, click the 'Photos' option and taaadaaa 

Step 4. Your pictures open without any hesitation and no need to delete any picture now. (*scroll down for another hack)

Ha! Samsung we got you. Lol

   So guys please tell me down below if you like it, and what should I do next cause you know it was my first hack on this blog and I had so much fun.

* if this doesn't work for you, well it should but another way is also really easy. Now Samsung does allow you to take pictures when you don't have memory WEIRD, so what you're going to take useless pictures and then delete them, it's kind of weird but helps so much. Now once you've deleted enough useless pictures you can open your pictures normally. 


   I hope at least one of the hacks helped, I discovered them out a few months ago but never told anyone (not on purpose) but the other day I was thinking that I should do a hacks post so this idea popped up and here it is. 

  So see you very soon with a new post.


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