Friday, 20 May 2016

What to do this Summer! (ideas)

    Life is going really unfair with me, 75% people are starting their summer vacation on 31st May but why was I the only one going to such school that starts summer vacation on 4th JUNE 2016 AHHHHH I'll die. June has always been a favorite month of mine and guess when I'm starting school. I am not 100% sure yet but I think on 14th AUGUST 2016 or 24th AUGUST. Yeah I know life suck but I'm not 100% sure so yeah.

   As I told that my summer vacation are too short for me I wanna make me feel that they were long and you know how. HOW? By being productive, ha.

Some ideas to do this summer:

1. Learn how to Swim

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     Swimming is such an amazing sports and if you want to get fit and healthy I'd suggest you swimming. Well swimming is my favorite sports though, will keep you nice and busy. You can swim in a river or a swimming pool, either way?

2. Go Horse Riding

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    Horse Riding in again a really good sports, it's really easy and perfect for the people who live in Austrailia because for them it's not Summer Vacation it's Winter Vacation or probably if not you can go swimming, but you should definitely try Horse Riding.

3. Try Out New Food

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   If you like food just like me, make a list of new foods you want to try in Summers. When the summers start you can cook food every week or if not go out and eat.

4. Watch New Movies

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   Same, if you like some movies go ahead and make their list as well and then in the Summers go ahead and watch them. Another idea have a Movie Night with you friends.

5. Try New Projects/ Diys

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     If you like Arts and Crafts then you should totally make new projects that you wanted to make but you never made. Thats exactly what I am going to do.

      That's it for today's post, my swimming post will be coming very soon.     Bye!

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