Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!!

     When I was typing the title, I took the last bite of my last donut. Eating the first is the easiest and the last is so miserable.

       I t's currently 8:30pm on 2016's last day, was that even right. I don't know. To be honest, I am so not celebrating the new year, it's not that I don't want to. It's just that I am so lazy that I am  currentlyrics in my purple seat pants and my red flannel. It sucks, right? I am so right. 

      I remember the last New Year's Eve. I was wearing my sunset leggings and my pink striped grey sweater and my boots. My sweater said 'hey' like I was saying hi to 2016. 

       My entire family from my father's side was here, my lil brother was sleeping and we all were taking pictures. It legit feels like yesterday but no, nope, it's an year later. I did have an amazing year, but the next year has to offer more. 

       We may or may not be moving in the very beginning of January. Like moving our house. I am excited, decorating my next room and taking you along. I wasn't able to make that many decor this year because when I started my blog,  my room was all decorated (I don't even like it). Yes, I don't like my room, becaaaauusse I have been living I  this house, actually in this room for consecutive 3 years. And you know these three years were my life's growing years and my liking and dislikings changed continously. But don't worry, I do have a theme for my next room.

          But yeah. By the waaaayyy, I have something for you very soon, probably in a week or two, I'll show you how to make a planner, completely from scratch, I'll show you how to make every single page, dashboards, inserts and a insert pouch too for your supplies as well as some supplies.  And it is totally budget friendly, I actually  used everything that I had already. In a way I didn't even spend a penny. Aaaand I didn't even use any printer or something, everything single, little thing is from scratch. I am so excited that I was able to bring something like that. 

        We here in Pakistan may not drink on New Year's Eve but we do have some amazing fireworks, exactly on 12:00 am. I am right here, writing a post and waiting till 12 to see those remarkable fireworks. Wait, really I hear them already. Not even kidding,  it's just 9:00pm. Wow. But the real are not here yet. 

     Again enjoy, live your life and make 2017 a better year. Bye. I am going to see the fireworks. 

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