Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Prevent Nausea in Car!!

     As its the first post of 2017, I decided to do a post over dealing with nausea, you may wonder why. I suffer with nausea a lot so I decided to help what makes me feel better. New year means new adventures and traveling, me and my family recently went on a long trip wedding and nausea in any case was with me. Now even the thought of car make me bring nausea. I have discovered some ways to prevent nausea but I made sure that I was telling them right so I also did Google to check.

1. Have your Meal before Travelling
    You always want to be full before you travel so you don't feel exhausted and disturbed.

2. Have a Drink
    Now when I checked this one on Google, it did not recommend drinks. But in my case it helps, so you can also try.

3. Packet of Chips
    Sometimes you do crave something salty or spicy in the case of nausea. Packet of chips is really nice to munch on, but if you have a sweet tooth then you must crave sweet so keep some candies or chocolate or cookies.

4. Travel at Evening
    Now you must be wondering why I didn't say 'Travel at Night' because it is considered dangerous or probably I'd say un-safe, and in the morning the sun is very irritating and causes nausea and also you need to be fresh and active so you're not sleepy.

5. Fresh Air
    Fresh air is such a life saver, you can open the windows or take a break. Stop the car by and just spend a few minutes in the fresh air.

6. Reading Books
   It is considered that looking at one thing causes nausea and vomiting in car, I've been through that.

7. Chew Gum
   I just don't know that chewing gum is such a life safer, helps so much but I don't know why.

8. Don't use Phone
    Screen also causes nausea, try not using it but then if you're wondering. " what do I do then?". Listen to music, make a playlist and ta da.

9. Choose you Seat
    Now I am not very sure about this one but I did see this on Google and also my mother thinks it's helpful. My mother would never sit in the backseat for long drives because it's uncomfortable and causes nausea for her. You can try and choose you seat but on Google it said front seat is helpful.

10. Take Sickness Pills
      A doctor would recommend Sickness Pills if these hacks don't work, we'll they should but you know you can't always stop your car or travel at evening or others.

   So these were the hacks that help or my family at least,  obviously so right information I did check on Google and found most of them work but only the second point wasn't clear to me as it did not recommend drinKS but obviously you can try and let me know



  1. Hi! I am Suki from You recently reached out to me and I got very excited! I was even happier when I found out you are 11. I am 13 so it is great to find another young blogger. I look forward to continue reading your blog & to continually be inspired. Thank you for reaching out to me, it means a lot.-Suki <3

    1. You're welcome, I am so happy that you are here. By the way I just turned 12 this October, actually too lazy to change. Lol. But any ways thank you, I found you from Kats Take and I found out you came from Alisha's vlog. :)

    2. My Birthday is in October too, on the thirteenth. What day is yours?

    3. Fifth of October, it is in my About Me :)