Friday, 17 February 2017

Birthday Card Ideas! DIY

         Hey guys, and welcome. Valentines Day is over, I hope you had an amazing day, now go check your calendar if there's anyone's birthday, there has to be ALRIGHT. Or if there's not than its OK because the cards that I am making today you can make in advance so you always have something to give someone even if you forget their birthday, not particularly birthday.

        And also be sure to comment down  which card was your favorite, cuz this post was little difficult to bring up to you due to some technical problems but now I'm good, everything's good.

         These cards are so cute and easy to make, does take a little time to be honest but way worth it although the white one is really easy, takes less than 30 minutes. Like that's, that's, I have no words but guys you are going to die when you're going to see how cute they. I am already dead if you're wondering. Lmao

          Also please don't mind the fact that I took ideas from pinterest and Google cuz pinterest, duh! SLAY PINTEREST, YOU GOT THE SWAG. lol. But really now I think I really like Pinterest, dang! Alright where were we, again don't mind that I am pretty much making a replica of the original cards cuz come on when it come to thinking and using my brain, to be honest I am zero.

           I made these beautiful cards for my teacher's birthdays, which was on 6th February. We, as a class also made her this large card and individually wrote some fun stuff and wishes inside, it was pretty cute. Guys, she was literally crying from happiness, as she was reading her tears were dripping down her eyes to her face and on to the floor. Uh! made me emotional :**), the class was looking at her quietly. Then when she came in our class, when it was her period. She really appreciated what we did for her and said that her in laws would never remember my birthday. I feel sad for her, but all and all we did what we could. That's all!

         Alright I think I've done enough talking now let's begin  with the cards cause that's why you're here, probably you didn't even read anything from above. I bet!

         Alright now I am serious, let's begin

     Let's begin with the Cropped Balloon Card:

It's very easy and quick to make and I actually this on an envelope but obviously you can make it on a card, originally it was on a card but you know here on My Crafty Crane, we don't do orginal stuff, I mean we do but we mostly change up the original thing.

•  A4 sized sheet or envelope (White or any color you like)
• Yarn or Twine
• Glitter Sheet (Again any color you like, make a contrast)
• Pen (Any color sharpie or pen, I personally like dark blue)

• Fold you A4 sized sheet in half to make a card, at this stage you can trim it to size or shape.

• Cut you cropped balloon using glitter sheet, go in and out with it and finally you get there. It's very easy.

• Next glue your balloon on your card and then using your thread, make a loose knot around that little area and secure with glue, then just settle it down and glue.

• While that's drying up, go in and do some calligraphy. You can write whatever you like but I went with "Happy Birthday".

• I think it's it, just write your wishes inside and you're done.

  Now let's make the Candle Card:

• A4 sized Brown Paper
• Card stock (any color to make the candle)
• White cardstock
• Golden or Yellow glitter sheet
• Twine
• Pen ( any color you like, I used black)

• Fold you A4 sheet in half and cut out your candle shape with cardstock then small stripes with white card stock then stick those on the candle to represent some small detailing on the candle and glue the candle on to the card.

• Cut the little flame with you glitter sheet and glue it above the candle.

• Then using your thread or Twine,  tie a knot around the candle and secure with glue.

• Do some calligraphy again and write whatever you like but a usual I wrote 'Happy Birthday'

• And you're done.

    Lastly let's make the Triple Balloon Card:

This card was a little time taking and required a few extra supplies but at the end way worth it.

• A4 sized sheet (any color you like, I chose black)
• Random colored and textures paper (to make the balloons)
• Glitter Sheet (again any color you like)
• More Cardstock ( plain white or any color you like)
• Pen (black and pink pen or any color you like)

• Like usual fold your black cardstock in half then using different colors and textures of paper make your balloons. You can add detailso in to it and make it as cute a possible and attach it on to the card.

• Using the glitter sheet , cut a strip and stick it on to the spine of the card.

• Next use your cardstock and cut a piece of paper and write 'Happy Birhday'. Now it's not necessary that you cut a pieve of cardstock, you can write directly on to he card but my base was black so it won't be visible.

• OMG! You're done!

     Ah! These cards turned out so spectacular, I am obsessed. It is my generosity that I was able to hand these over to my teacher but they were made for her.

     So I hope you guys will recreate at least one of theseason,  cmon they're too cute to say no. Am I right? I am so right! But be sure that when you make these, you tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #imacraftycraner and I'll like and comment.

  All and all, I love you loads and will see you in my next post. Bye

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