Sunday, 5 February 2017

DIY: Valentine's Day Coasters

     Hi everyone,
             How are you? Welcome back, I missed you. I kinda did. But..... today like today I am up with another post for you. I had my hands on these coasters which are really simple to make.

They might not look so good in the picture but they are. The heart one is a perfect pair one so you can have one and the one you're giving to can have one. <3 ♡<3 ♡

Now to begin with the heart one: 

 Alright, all you need is 
 • Cork or cardboard (not cardstock)
 • Mod Podge
 • Coloured sheet (any color you like) 
 • Wide tape
Let's begin: 

On your cardboard, make a heart and cut it out then make this zig zag pattern and cut that out as well. Try to be as neat a possible so that when we cover it with paper it looks neat.

   Alright then cover to half hearts in mod podge and for the next step take your time and cover with paper. Next, it's really important step although I didn't do it because I wasn't giving it to anyone :P but you have to. With your wide tape, stick it on your coaster until fully covered to make it eater proof. And you'really done. 


                                Now for the next one:
All you need is: 
 • Cardboard ( with smooth edges )
 • Black pointer
 • Wide tape
Let's get started: 

Alright, begin with cutting your shape, any shape you like. I went with square. Next with a pencil write whatever you like, I wrote ' love '. 

Then with a pointer, outline your saying and cover your coaster with wide tape and you're done. 
  Although this coaster is simple and literally takes two minute of your time but still is so awesome and cute. 

  Thanks for joining in and I'll see you guys next time. I have an exciting post and sorry that planner post has delayed but I'll cover it. Don't you worry :). 

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