Sunday, 26 February 2017

Spring Wall Art! DIY fairy light and butterflies

    Oh hey guys, you know what? Something screams at me and says 'it's Spring'. But it's actually not spring, I'm still wearing my hoodie but it's March. Actually two days are still left but 2 days doesn't make a difference.

   Today I decided to come up with a DIY that was already in my room actually but I decided to share it with you, I mean why not.

   This DIY is so cute and bright, trust me but I do not light up my lightsource when it's dark,  I turn these lights up and they look absolutely beautiful.

  I think I shouldn't waste any more time and get on to it.

• Cardstock
• Butterfly Stencil (you can print online, I went with two sizes of butterfly)
• Glitter
• Mod Podge
• Sissors
• Pencil
• Tape
• Sponge Applicator
• Fairy Lights (the star of the show)


• Cut out your stencil, then using your pencil trace it on your card stock, repeat this process until you have enough which will be a lot at least for me it was more than 30. I'm not tryna scare you, it's time consuming but not difficult.

• Cut out all your butterflies, and to take this diy one step ahead, I decided to cover some in gold glitter.

• To cover it in gold glitter, apply mod podge on to your butterflies then sprinkle on your glitter, tap excess glitter off then let it dry. Once dried give another layer of mod podge to seal your glitter and it dry.

• I did a combination some glitter and some plain, also you wanna fold your butterflies in half.

• Then take your fairy lights and stick them on to the wall, I used this shiny tape, I don't wanna call it washi tape as washi tape is a hundred and ten times better then this one.

• Then stick your butterflies on as well with tape, by folding it (sticky side up). You know the drill. Attach each onelse of those folded tapes and stick your butterflis on the wall using that.

• Light up and you're done.

    I hope you absolutely loved this diy, at least I did and be sure to stay tuned for upcoming spring posts.

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