Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Life and Commitments!!

    Life is full of commitments and I surely, with no doubt blame school. Without school my life would have been relaxing and calming, I can't take it anymore.

    So take a deep breath into the fresh air, and take a break. For goodness sake, school gave us a week off for Spring Break so I'm kinda chilling. But it starts back on this coming Monday, 27th March (2017 for instance, lol). Although I don't have many plans as I have two papers on Monday and Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It sucks, I know. But basically what I'm saying is everyone needs a break, from what you're doing, life has a lot stored in it and takes forever to get through all. So be calm, act calm and take a break. You're human too, and you get tired too. People out there don't understand you and that makes it even tougher,now I'm not saying to quit your job or stop going to school for a month or so. No! Depressed, don't be. Guys, quitting school or job isn't the answer. If you're facing anxiety, suicide isn't the answer. I'm not here to give tips to get through anxiety and stuff because those tips that I give out won't make a difference. You need to listen to yourself, understand yourself and be yourself. Put down your device, light up a candle and do yoga. Yoga really helps to calm you, but you got no energy to do yoga. Take a break, take a break from your device and spend that time that you'd rather spend on your device on something calming. Sleep, get your full sleep, wake up, feel fresh, take a bath, head out to nature and stop worrying about school and job because without school and job at least world wouldn't end. Life is important. Be
careful with every risky step, don't get too depressed. Stress isn't forever, if you are careful that stress will turn into happiness and excitement. Be careful. May god be with you.

I hope this post makes a difference and teaches you the importance of life. I'm not the best at motivation and inspiration but I did the best I could.

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