Saturday, 11 March 2017

Upgrade Thrift Store Frame + DIY Frame for Spring!!

   So I can now officially say that spring is here, although here where I live it was pouring a few days ago and now it's pretty chilly but who cares, March=Spring. Thats a pure excuse for me to start decorating for Spring.

    Cough cough, now you guys will hate me for this one but I told you guys that I was moving in one my posts, click here but I never told you when. Apparently it's been exactly 6 weeks since I've moved and I am working damn hard to decorate my room. A little bit still left but don't worry I will do a blog post on everything.

    Alright, so where we used to live earlier, there was an amazing thrift store and trust me, most of the frames in our house are from there.

   Me and mother used to visit the thrift store quiet often and I bought a bunch of frames. I obviously didn't upgrade all of them.

 Alright let's hop right into it:

● DIY : Bright Blue Frame

     Now when I went to the thrift store,  I saw this one and it's was very cheap so I picked it up (that's literally me every single time I go there). It was a pale wooden frame with no glass or back.

    I had no idea what I wanted to do with this one so I painted it into this bright blue color, I went with 3 coats. It was a bit difficult to paint but to make it easier I'd suggest you to sand it first.

  Here is how it looked when it was all painted, I pat myself on the back that I did paint it. Looks 100 times better.

   Next I wanted glass in there, you can obviously go and get your size of glass cut from any hardware store but I couldn't find any near me. 

   So I took a pieve of acetate and used that, I cut it slightly larger than my frame and it fit perfectly.

   We're still not done, we need the back, right. This one was pretty simple.


  What I did here was, I grabbed a piece of cardboard and cut it to size and snipped it in then folded the hinges (definitely not what they are called) in. I think you're done.

   ● DIY : Wooden Frame


• Sticks (from a tree)
• Glue Gun
• Acetate


 • Start by taking your sticks and cutting them to size and making a frame, pretty self-explanatory. You can use straight sticks or curvy like me. 

 • Glue the sticks together using hot glue gun (no substitute here for hot glue gun) and let it dry, then reinforce it.

• Then apply glue (hot glue, but here I used my white glue cuz my hot glue was finished) on the frame then place a piece of acetate and let it dry, once dried, trim the excess acetate.

• Now for this frame I won't suggest a back because then it's really difficult to put your picture in because of all the curves , although I have a back in my first picture but I removes it later because I couldn't put anything in so I glued my picture directly on the frame however you can apple the backing if you're using straight sticks.

• And you're done.


     Pause pause pause, I am coming up with a galler wall with a bunch of diys to put in your frame, get excited. 

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