Sunday, 2 April 2017

Post Announcement

   I have done a post announcement before as well, so if you're not familiar with it. It is basically a short update on my blog.

   So April is here, which brings Summer Break weeks away. Now that summer is so close, my stomach jiggles in excitement. It is so relatable but the thought of the coming Exams freak me out. I remember past exam when I used to just sit down and never take my butt off  studying. It is definitely difficult. and that now April is here, by the way Happy April I need to start studying. I already have started studying in the middle of March but not binge studying. You get me right!

 I need to focus and really get into it and pray for this time of year to get over as quick as possible. I have seven subjects, definitely not easy and even difficult when you're excited about something.

  Obviously I am excited about, Summer Break but I am also excited about something else. You guys might know I moved, now I have this room. Not that I had it earlier, just that I didn't really work hard. It'd really hard for me to focus towards studying because I really want to decorate my room, if I want to. I could but if I do it know then I'll be stressed about studying and stuff but if I do it later, I'd be relaxed ando it'd be a 100 times better.
  So it's really hard for me to wait, another thing that I'm super excited about is my society. The area where we used to live early was good, not the best there were days or weeks where we wouldn't even step out the house other than the garden because there was nothing so interesting and my father isn't that kind of a person. He prefers to be at home. Now that we are in this beautiful society I'd take my mother out and we'd literally walk 2 or more hours straight.

 There are many places we can walk to and what the point of this post is that I have so many distractions towards studying. Its really hard for me to study and focus, so his month I'll do nothing else than studyingoing,  not saying I'll study all day. No no no, I will but not as much. For bare with me if I am not posting frequentlyrics as my new years resolution was to post more and I think I am getting there but trust me once these papers are over I'll post every single week in the summers. (Hopefully)

  Again bare with me,  I'll post but not as frequently and go check out my last post where I told you guys not stress over school and gave some inspiration.

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