About Me

 Hi Guys,
          I am Neha Ahmed, a student. I absolutely love love love trying out new activities and I am pleased to share some of this fun with you. I pretty much do stuff every week especially baking, I bake brownies a lot so may be I won't be having any posts to share the week but i'll try my level best to post once a week.

         Ok whatever, I'm not going to bore you like that, some personal information has to be here you know

  • 12 years old blogger
  • Love arts, baking and trying out new stuff
  • Born on 5th October 2004 (YES 2004)
  • Love exploring
  • Love hacks
  • Cute notebooks are my thing
  • Love decorating my room
  • Hate colored walls (WHITE WHITE WHITE ARE BEST, but a little wall painting will do)
  • Hate people who speak while I'm doing my work
  • Love cycling, horse riding, swimming :p
  • Hate reading books 
  • Love SUMMERS
  • Hate WINTERS (Buh Buh Buh)
  • Not a morning person
  • Only cute mugs, scented candles or something crafty can make me happy (LOL)
  • Hate when people annoy me when I'm angry (like my mom)
  • Nutella is my lover, Duh!
I think now my personal information is enough.
               If you have any questions please ask me down below and i'll try to answer in 24 hours.

Come say HI:
Gmail: neha.5cbclr@gmail.com
Instagram: mycrafty_crane  
Personal Instagram: neha_ahmed1
                                                                                                                                Love You,


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